JACK LONDON American author

Jack London, the man who would become famous for his works of fiction about life in America's wild west was born on January 12th 1876. His real name is John Griffith Chaney but everyone knows him better today as Jack London because it just sorta happened that way when they translated some books into other languages!

Deserted by his father, a roving astrologer who left him in Oakland California to be raised spiritualist mother and stepfather wy aboard sloop alternately stealing oysters or working for government fish patrolship where saw much about US as hobo riding freight trains while also being part period protest army like Coxey's Army born out financial panic that same year 1893 when it became more apparent than ever there may not enough work going around so everyone wants some pie too.

London's work as a journalist and author brought  him success, but it also took its toll on his health. With each new story he wrote the pressure grew stronger until one day everything changed for good when an editor offered payments if they were published in book form instead of magazine installments or newspapers; this opportunity allowendon to devote more time towards writing without worrying how long these stories would take according what everyone else was doing at any given moment - between working fulltime jobs just so you can buy groceries every week then coming home late because there isn't enough hours left during lunch.

London's life was a continual struggle between his love for literature and the need to make money. He worked hard at both, completing 50 books in 17 years while still writing what would become known as "The Great Gatsby" during this time period after settling down on an estate near Glen Ellen California with views overlooking San Francisco Bay where he built himself one huge house capable enough that when fully completed had been planned out specifically so they could watch boats go by from every window possible - but alas! It wasn't always easy being famous...

Jack London’s books about the Alaskan wilderness are some of my favorite novels. I would recommend Jack London's The Call Of The Wild (1903), White Fang (1906) & Burning Daylight (1910) to anyone who wants an adventure story with some magic realism mixed into it! These three stories have always been apart from each other but still manage keep your attention from start until end due their diverse styles as well extreme events taking place within those pages which make you want more even after knowing how they ended already.